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Currently obsessed with the petite and proper styling of a camera bag!  Styled after the classic carry cases for a large camera, these bags are popped full of chic design and on point colors.  The boxy shape makes this the ideal size for getting you from work to evening, and with just about every designer joining this party you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag for you!

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Image result for camera bag street styleImage result for camera bag street style


fullsizerender-1It’s no secret that winter can wreak havoc on your skin, so just in time for the colder weather I had the chance to try the Night Revive Retinol Serum from Valentia.  I’m already a huge fan of their natural and organic products – and absolutely swear by the Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask – so I was really excited to use the serum which helps fight wrinkles, stimulates collagen, and hydrates the skin to make it smoother.

What makes this product stand out from other serums is its texture and consistency.  It’s more of a milky white lotion that contains, Retinol, Vitamins C & E, and Squalane, which is derived from pure olive oil to soften the skin.  For that reason, you don’t have to use this product every night, and I would recommend that you only need a little bit to go a long way.  Insider tip:  Use this on your decollete area to keep it soft and smooth!

Thank you again Valentia for letting me try another great product!  Learn more about Valentia and following them on social media:

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Thanksgiving is one of the most-traveled times of the year, so whether you’re driving across the state or flying home to loved ones, here are some great trips for traveling in style.  The truth is, between work and pleasure, I fly close to 50,000 miles a year.  I’ve learned some tricks the hard way – like never check your luggage when you have an important business meeting – while others I’ve just figured out over time.  And even though this holiday I’ll be driving, I like to look stylish while being comfortable.


Dress in loose fitting layers… it’s easy to pull off a sweater or add a wrap to adapt to changing temperatures.


Always carry a large scarf… I’m a fan of the huge blanket scarves that are all the rage this year, and have used mine as an actual blanket on a chilly airplane.


Custom passport folder… if you’re leaving the country – or even if you just want a stylish way to carry any papers or ID – opt for a colorful passport cover. It makes pulling out your documents a lot more fun!


Comfortable shoes… okay, so you’ve probably never heard me advocate for flats, but comfortable shoes are a must, especially through long walks in an airport.


Headphones… whether for plugging into the in-flight movie or just chillin’ from the game your S.O. insists on listening to in the car, you can relax without bothering anyone else.

And relax… !



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I’ve long been a reader of the ever-so-fabulous Who What Wear, so when the stylish ladies behind this blog launched a capsule collection at Target earlier this year I took note.  You’ve heard me talk about investing in certain wardrobe pieces while filling in the gaps of super trendy looks and basics with big box styles.  Now Who What Wear has added a sophisticated flavor to your typical big box finds, and not only is the value there, but the quality of the pieces as well.

Here are some of my favorites from the current collection that will get you through the holidays and more!


Faux fur is one my favorite looks for fall and winter, and this stole is more versatile than you might first think! Wear it over a cocktail dress for an ultra-glam look, or style it open over a cardigan or jacket to create a fur collar.

Who What Wear Midi Dress -

Everyone needs a floral midi dress to take them from work to play. Add a festive belt or scarf to amp up the look.


Are velvet pants an investment piece? Probably not — but at just $34.99 they are the perfect party piece! Style with high heels to keep the look from being too casual. You don’t want to look like you pulled out your Juicy pants from 2005!


OMG Oh So Warm! Because staying warm is important, but looking fabulous is a very close second!



If leather was the must-have end or be all fabric choice last year, velvet is where it’s all at this year.  Unexpectedly velvet has made a resurgence as the statement fabric of the season.  I love all things posh and rich, so I’m embracing this trend all the way.  What’s really exciting for me are the options for wearing this lush fabric.

The obvious first choice is velvet shoes, which we really all must own a pair.  But think beyond that to velvet pants, tops and accessories for a luxe look that works for both day and night.

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It’s all about the frayed hem jean right now — a crop length jean with just the right amount of fray that looks purposeful and on trend.  The shorter jean is the perfect way to add focus to a cute pair of booties or chunky heels.  Styling this look, though, takes the right amount of polish or you’ll end up looking sloppy.  I like to pair casual looks like this is with a more tailored top or jacket to give the right amount of balance.  Finish off with your favorite bag and you’re set!

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