Thanksgiving is one of the most-traveled times of the year, so whether you’re driving across the state or flying home to loved ones, here are some great trips for traveling in style.  The truth is, between work and pleasure, I fly close to 50,000 miles a year.  I’ve learned some tricks the hard way – like never check your luggage when you have an important business meeting – while others I’ve just figured out over time.  And even though this holiday I’ll be driving, I like to look stylish while being comfortable.


Dress in loose fitting layers… it’s easy to pull off a sweater or add a wrap to adapt to changing temperatures.


Always carry a large scarf… I’m a fan of the huge blanket scarves that are all the rage this year, and have used mine as an actual blanket on a chilly airplane.


Custom passport folder… if you’re leaving the country – or even if you just want a stylish way to carry any papers or ID – opt for a colorful passport cover. It makes pulling out your documents a lot more fun!


Comfortable shoes… okay, so you’ve probably never heard me advocate for flats, but comfortable shoes are a must, especially through long walks in an airport.


Headphones… whether for plugging into the in-flight movie or just chillin’ from the game your S.O. insists on listening to in the car, you can relax without bothering anyone else.

And relax… !