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I’ve long been a reader of the ever-so-fabulous Who What Wear, so when the stylish ladies behind this blog launched a capsule collection at Target earlier this year I took note.  You’ve heard me talk about investing in certain wardrobe pieces while filling in the gaps of super trendy looks and basics with big box styles.  Now Who What Wear has added a sophisticated flavor to your typical big box finds, and not only is the value there, but the quality of the pieces as well.

Here are some of my favorites from the current collection that will get you through the holidays and more!


Faux fur is one my favorite looks for fall and winter, and this stole is more versatile than you might first think! Wear it over a cocktail dress for an ultra-glam look, or style it open over a cardigan or jacket to create a fur collar.

Who What Wear Midi Dress - poppiesandperidot.com

Everyone needs a floral midi dress to take them from work to play. Add a festive belt or scarf to amp up the look.


Are velvet pants an investment piece? Probably not — but at just $34.99 they are the perfect party piece! Style with high heels to keep the look from being too casual. You don’t want to look like you pulled out your Juicy pants from 2005!


OMG Oh So Warm! Because staying warm is important, but looking fabulous is a very close second!


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