It’s that time of year when it’s beyond hot outside and you probably just want to lounge in the pool to stayed cool.  That time of year when using your blow dryer is just too hot, and adding a scarf to your outfit only makes you hotter.  Enter the dog days of summer!

Women's Office Outfit Ideas For Summer (8)

It’s also a time that’s challenging to dress professionally but still be dressed for the weather.  Wearing sleeveless is not an option for some offices, so you might need to keep a lightweight sweater at your desk to cover your shoulders.  I love the look above because, while sleeveless, it’s not lowcut so it maintains that look of office appropriate.  Paired with closed-toed shoes and a longer skirt, it’s perfect for these 100 degree days.

Wear a 3/4 sleeve blouse in a lightweight fabric, and if you’re wearing sandals I like to go with a higher heel to keep the look polished.

Women's Office Outfit Ideas For Summer (5)