That time when you said you were only buying investment pieces, then you ended up with a closet full of trendy, bohemian clothes.  That’s how I’ve been feeling about this blog lately.  No, I haven’t made any regrettable clothing purchases, but this summer has definitely been challenging to post regularly.  Between traveling and enjoying outdoor activities, I’ve been neglect to my love of blogging.

Like anything else, it’s easy to get off track every now and then, but thankfully it’s easy to get back on with a push in the right direction.  I love this platform for sharing my insights on fashion and beauty trends, so expect to hear from me more — and perfect timing as the fall fashion season gets ready to kick off!

Some thoughts on getting anything back on track and going the way you want:

  1. Remember that the past is the past.  It’s over and done with, and you can’t change it.  Move on and focus on the future.
  2. Write down your goals.  Whether you want to blog more or lose 10 pounds, writing it down makes it more of a commitment.
  3. Plan time to meet your goal.  If you want to run a marathon, you need to plan time to run a little each day, working up to running the big one.  I’m setting aside time each day to reflect on what’s inspiring me.  I’m also going back to my blogging roots and using a calendar to keep my blogs fresh and timely.
  4. Reward yourself.  Even small bits of progress deserve a pat on the back, so take time to smile about your accomplishments.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your support, and I’m so excited to be back blogging again!