Many of you already know my obsession with eye creams and skin care in general.  I started taking care of my skin at a young age, and was wearing eye cream religiously by my early 20’s.  I credit that and good sunglasses for keeping my eyes wrinkle free.

As I get older, though, it’s more and more important that my eye product is not only effective in reducing fine lines, but also hydrates my drier skin.  I’ve been testing The True Glow Eye Cream from Valentia for the past 10 days, so I’m excited to share my experience with you!

The first thing I noticed when using The True Glow Eye Cream was a visible tightening around my eyes.  My eyes looked brighter and the skin felt moisturized and soft.  The feeling lasted all day, and over the past several days, the skin feels much softer.

I’m also super-impressed with the packaging.  The eye cream comes in a pump bottle, so you’re not putting your finger or a scoop into the product with each use.  I find this much cleaner and easier to get the correct amount of product each time.

Finally, I love the texture!  While the product may be called an eye cream, the texture is more like a blend of a cream and a serum.  This helps it absorb quickly, and it feels amazing.  This product is definitely one I’ll continue using.


In addition to the eye cream, Valentia also has an amazing Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask.  I’m not sure how much plumping I need, but I was really excited about the hydrating aspects of this product.  After using the mask, my skin felt softer and smoother, so I can’t wait to see the longer term results.

The Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask also has a collagen booster in it, which we start to produce less of as we age.  I’m seeing this in more and more high-end skin care products, so I’m really glad it’s here.

I hope you take the chance to try either of the Valentia products – you won’t be disappointed!


Thank you, Valentia and Brandbacker for the opportunity to test and review these great products!

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