The Look: Post-Party Chic How-To: Nina Ricci quite literally shined this season: Everything—the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the runway, the lips—was coated in a sexy, highly-reflective patent lacquer. "We liked the idea of a chic woman who had a really great night and now she's going out onto the street the next morning, so she's put on dark glasses and a slick of lipstick," said makeup artist Aaron de Mey, who wanted to create "a different kind of shine; one that has a 3-D look to it." To...

Paris Fashion Week is the premiere fashion event of the season, with the top designers in the world sharing their vision of what we’ll all be wearing in the coming years.  Just as exciting as the clothing is the makeup trends, and some great themes emerged over the past week.

  • The bold lip.  We’ve seen this for a few seasons now, where either the lip or the eyes are pronounced while the rest of the look is very natural.  I love this, as it’s not an overdone, made up look, but still allows you to add a pop of color.
  • The softly made face.  At Elie Saab (below), the looks were made up but not overdone.  Models wore both lip and eye color, with a soft bronzer to create the perfect everyday look.

The Look: Golden Hour How-To: Sometimes runway beauty gets so black and white—it's either totally minimal or theatrically over-the-top—that we forget about the middle ground, the place where the woman who is never going to skip foundation or mascara no matter how many shows tell her to wants to be. Elie Saab brought us there. The makeup was polished but not too done (this girl is never going to utter the phrase 'glam squad'): Bronze the cheekbones and forehead, tap peachy-gold highlight alon...

  • Semi-goth.  The pale face paired with the deep crimson lip gives an almost goth look without being over the top.
  • The fresh face.  We’ve seen painted on freckles before, but this season they were done in a really natural, sun-kissed way.  As a girl with freckles, I’m all over this!

The Look: Goth Princess How-To: Expect the unexpected, the quirky, the youthful—that's the motto at Miu Miu. Others wouldn't be able to make pigtails and a sparkly crown look anything but adorable; Miuccia Prada gives the headpiece jagged geometric detailing and leaves the screws exposed, then tops the look off with a moody plum lip stain, and suddenly it's spooky.

The Look: Girls of Summer How-To: We've seen faux freckles one or two times each of the last few seasons—not nearly enough to call them a trend and forgivable if you missed them altogether—though we can't help but wonder why they aren't more of a thing. When done right, like at Ungaro, they're charming, summery and realistic enough that you'd never question their authenticity. The key, according to makeup artist Lucia Pieroni, is to apply M.AC. Cream Colour Base in Crevasse first for a natur...