Like many others, I embarked on a great de-cluttering in 2015, thanks to the inspiration of Marie Kondo.  I love her unique perspective to weeding out the unwanted and unnecessary, which primarily focuses on surrounding yourself with only the things that bring you joy.  Let go of items that don’t, thanking them for past joy and relinquishing them to the next owner who will hopefully find joy.

Well.  I was pretty much a failure.  While I cleaned out the closet, debated over joy or no-joy, and loaded up over 100 items to either sell on eBay or donate, the closet is still full.  The fact is, most of my clothes bring me joy.  And when I held them or put them on to decide the level of joy, it was all joy.  I’ve purchased very thoughtfully over the years, and love what I have.  There’s a lot in the closet, so the problem is I don’t get to some things in the rotation often.  But the pieces bring me joy.  The bag my mother carried in the 1960’s, the scarf found in a thrift store in Oklahoma, the Neiman’s purchase that at the time was a fortune… I love it all.  And it all brings me joy.

I did manage to organize better, and have made a resolution to wear more of the closet in 2016.  Maybe wearing something for a day will be a better indicator of joy for me.  For that reason, I’m trying to not buy any new clothes in 2016.  I have a closet of joy, and I’m going to wear it.  Hopefully Marie Kondo will somewhat appreciate this.


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