Medium Wavy Hairstyles: Messy Layers

Summer hair is all about looking natural and beach-ready, but achieving that look can sometimes be a challenge.  Too much fuss, and it’s just messy.

Get perfect summer beach waves with a couple of great hair products and styling tools, and you’re set!

  • Start with a sea salt infused styling spray to add texture and sheen to your hair.  These products are especially nice if you have really fine hair.
  • Spray before you style, making sure you work the product through all of your locks and not just on the surface.

salt sea sea1

  •  Use a 1″ curling iron or flat iron to create loose waves.  I’m a fan of the flat iron, as it gives a more wavy and less curly look.  Section the hair and pull it tight over the edge of the iron for loose waves.
  • Work hair in different directions (forward and backward) for a more natural look, and keep your part a little imperfect.



  • Finish off with a another quick spritz of the sea salt spray to let your strands relax.  And now you’re set!