Can you even believe how quickly the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection sold out?!!  We all knew it would be a major success, but even I was shocked at how quickly everything was gone.

Thankfully, I had a partner, and we shared each others must-have items, then split up in the store.  To back up, we arrived super early and were 3rd in line.  She went to clothing, while I hit accessories and home goods.  I admit I was more into finding the perfect pattern, when I probably should have pulled items and made decisions later, but I knew what I wanted (unlike others who were grabbing handfuls of anything).

If you’re still looking for a special item, keep checking back at your local Target store.  There’s a 14-day return policy on all Lilly products, so over the next week expect things to trickle back in.

It looks like an explosion of pink flowers all over my bed, and I LOVE it!!


I really was most excited about the home goods, since Lilly has a limited selection of items like this.  The products are exceptionally well-made, with an amazing attention to detail.  The outdoor throw and the table linens are by far my favorites!


I was really excited to score a Lilly caftan.  It’s perfect for poolside in Vegas, lounging at home, or when I’m 80 I’ll just wear things like this all day!  The matching scarf can also be worn as a turban.


Finally, I got the Nosey Posie maxi and some uber-cute hair accessories.  I almost put the dress back, but I’m so happy I didn’t because the fabric drapes really nicely.

I also got a few pieces online that arrive later this week.  Thank you Lilly and Target!