Lilly Pulitzer for Target logo with a printed backgroundTime to get your shop on!  Don’t forget that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection launches nationwide on Sunday.  If you haven’t experienced a major collaboration like this, I present my shopping strategy!

Online Strategy

Yes, you’ll need both an online and an in-store strategy.  Several of the items in the collection are only available online, including some shoes and the plus-size collection.

Before you do anything, shop the Look Book online at  There are 250 pieces in the collection, and if you’re like me you pretty much want it all.  OK, not all for me, as I don’t have children to buy for.  But everything else is fair game.

  1. Get your account in order.  If you don’t already have an online account, set it up now.  Check that your shipping address and billing information is correct.  I’ve moved since I last ordered from Target, so imagine how upset I’d be if my order went to my old house.  Or how happy the new girl who lives there now would be!
  2. Know what’s only available online.  Is it crazy that I have a multi-tab spreadsheet set up with my most wanted items?!  Tab 1 – online only!
  3. Get ready for the site launch.  Target isn’t saying when they’ll launch the site due to the major issue with the Missoni launch a couple of years ago, but word is it will be after 11:00 p.m. PT on Saturday.  Start shopping as soon as the site is up!
  4. Grab your online items first and checkout.  Don’t keep shopping and adding things to your cart, as you risk them selling out.  As I say, shop, buy, repeat.  Shop, buy, repeat.
  5. Save more with a Red Card.  If you have a Target Red Card (woot!), you get free shipping and an additional 5% off your purchase.  That’s a no-brainer!  It also means you can place multiple orders and still not be charged for shipping.

Now, get a few hours sleep and get ready to hit phase 2 of the plan:

In-Store Strategy

  1. Choose your Target store and know what time it opens.  Yes, the right store can make a difference.  I live in Dallas, so am I going anywhere near SMU?  No.  Sorority girls and Lilly go hand in hand.  I should know.  I’ve actually picked a larger store away from a major university.  Most Target stores open at 8:00 a.m. on Sundays, but check to be sure.
  2. Get to the store early.  I’m not suggesting you need to pitch a tent or anything, but put on something comfy and grab a Starbucks while you wait for the doors to open.
  3. Head straight to the department with your top priority items and get those first.  Items will be located in their standard department (clothing with clothing, etc.) and the larger home items will be in the seasonal area, typically in the back of the store.  If you’re lucky enough to shop with a friend, divide and conquer.
  4. Keep looking!  Not finding what you want?  Check the fitting room racks for items that need to go back out to the sales floor.

When it’s all said and done, check back in a couple of weeks for items that may have been returned.  Target is offering a 14-day return window for Lilly… much shorter than their 90-day policy.

Happy shopping and good luck!