Wide-leg pants are all the rage, but styling them can sometimes be a challenge.  Frankly, my experiences in wearing this trend haven’t been successful, ending in dressing room disappointment and running back to my skinny jeans.  So I’ve searched for the best way to pull off this look without looking heavy or frumpy, which can happen when you add so much fabric to your bottom half.

1.  Simple Fitted Top

Pair wide-leg pants with a fitted tank or knit top to keep your top half balanced and proportional to the pant.  Use accessories to add interest.

Laura Comolli at Valentino FW2015

2.  Loose Capelet

A cropped capelet with a bit of a flounce is flirty and soft.  Even though it’s a bit wider like the pant, the movement in the pieces keeps it interesting.

3.  Cropped Sweater

This look is perfect for transitioning into Spring.  The cropped sweater allows the pant to drape appropriately, and the shorter length of the pant gives a more weightless feel.

4.  Jacket Topper

An open jacket like this one falls long enough to elongate your body and keep the look streamlined at the same time.  While I love the tonal look of all white, I can also see wearing a bright green or yellow topper with this.

 5.  Cropped Jacket

You can never go wrong with a cropped jacket.  The fitted look of this jacket would require a longer blouse to wear with slimmer pant, but here the look is perfectly proportioned and sophisticated.