It used to be that a graphic t-shirt was best saved for a gym workout.  Today, it’s a stylish trend that’s working its way into everyday wear.  While I’m not advocating a controversial saying on your t-shirt, a cleaver and fashion oriented tee can be stylish and chic.

To keep from looking too casual, treat the tee as you would a dressier piece, and pair it with a skirt and/or jacket.  Don’t forget to accessorize, so the attention is on the total look and not just the t-shirt.  The great news is there are so many options for minimal cost.  Think H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and even Target.

T-shirt, Forever 21.  Similar styles here.  Paired with amazing accessories, this look is spot on!

I love the dichotomy of the t-shirt and sequined skirt!  Keep the look stylish with simple accessories.  T-shirt available on Zazzle.

T-shirt by Zara.  Look, amazing!

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3 thoughts on “THE GRAPHIC TEE

  1. The graphic tee trend is great. A lot of Etsy shop owners and boutiques are jumping on the band wagon though and charging something like $40 for a tee!


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