I remember wearing espadrilles all the time in college.  ALL the time!  I had pairs in several colors and even the cutest Ralph Lauren floral pair similar to these that I sadly only parted with a couple of years ago.  I wish I still had them because espadrilles are totally having a moment this year.  We’ve seen them slowly making a comeback over the past few years, with many designers mimicking the traditional jute rope soles.  Now they are the must have casual shoe of the season.

Toss aside all your notions of simple, solid colors and think patterns, stripes, florals, and yes, even animal print.  And while designer espadrilles can cost upward of several hundred dollars a pair, you can easily find similar styles for a fraction of the price, making it easy to decide which ones to buy — all of them!

These super cute espadrilles from Verano are only $30!