shell pink. The color of this winter ! Virginie Carpentier - French Jewels Designer www.virginiecarpentier.fr

We’ve been having some really nice, almost spring-like weather lately, although I know many of you are getting another blast of winter air.  It’s not quite time to think about transitional wear – especially if it’s snowing outside! – but at the same time, it feels right to start bringing some spring colors into your wardrobe.  I’m always drawn to pastels this time of year.  They feel fresh but can still be warm in terms of weight and style.

The pale pink of this sweater adds the perfect touch of spring when it’s cold outside.  Pairing it with dark pants and a dark bag is really smart and keeps the look appropriate for February.

Winter outfit

Maybe I should add blue to my melancholy plain color wheel.

The scarf and tall boots say “winter”, but the amazing blue of the coat and the almost-not-there paleness of the sweater are speaking spring!