Vegan Fashions

Ah, the smell of leather.  There’s nothing quite like it, from a pair of Italian shoes to a great designer handbag.  But many designers today are taking an animal-friendly approach to their work and creating non-leather bags that look just a good as the real thing.

A few years ago we called it “pleather”… that fake plastic-y vinyl fabric that was meant to mimic leather.  It was stiff and looked cheap.  Today’s fashions have followed the lead of healthy, vegan lifestyle approaches and pleather has evolved into vegan leather, a leather alternative in a huge and growing market.

Make no mistake, however, vegan does not mean inexpensive.  This amazing bag from Stella McCartney is non-leather and cruelty free.  The lining is made from recycled plastic bottles.  $1,375.

Stella McCartney, Falabella Splash Print Small Tote