Fashion Project

New Year’s style resolution #1 – purge and donate!

I love how refreshing a new year feels, and how it seems like one of the best times to get better organized.  I’m starting with my closet, which is a pretty big undertaking!  I donated quite a few items over the past few months when I moved, with my charity of choice being the resale shop for the women’s shelter.  Items that were more casual and/or worn I donated to Goodwill.  Either way, I hope they find a happy home.


I recently discovered Fashion Project through one of my subscription boxes, FabFitFun.  Fashion Project offers designer clothing, shoes and accessories for sale, with all proceeds going to the charity of the donor’s choice.  So when you shop, you’re supporting a cause that’s really close to the heart of whoever gave the item.  As part of my purging, I’ve already donated and mailed in a large number of shoes and handbags, and I’m in the process of going through my clothing items.  Fashion Project even pays for the shipping!  Knowing that my favorite non-profits will benefit is actually making the donating easier.  And my life a little more organized!

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