The Season of Gratitude

Welcome, November.  You certainly made yourself noticed with a brisk coolness to the air and the time change, which signals darker evenings.  I also noticed that every single retailer went straight from Halloween to Christmas, without a thought of one of my favorite family holidays – Thanksgiving.  So I’m taking a moment today to reflect and remember the things I’m most grateful for – some serious, some fun!

  1. First, my wonderful husband who I married in July.  He’s taken me into his house, and we’ve made it a home that includes his two beautiful daughters and a menagerie of pets.  I can’t imagine any other man would love me the way he does.
  2. My new closet.  Moving into a new home meant I gained a big closet.  No more “summer closet”/”winter closet”.
  3. Goodwill, the women’s shelter, and other non-profits who can benefit from the clothes I’ve now discovered that I’m not going to wear again.
  4. Having a good job that I love most of the time.  Sure, I have those days when I’d rather focus on my art full time, but for now this is great.
  5. Speaking of art, I’m grateful to have been selected to have my art displayed in the city offices.  I’m also thankful for my new art friends and the fun we have together painting and making art.
  6. Subscription boxes.  Yes.  So now I’m down to 9 different boxes (some are seasonal), but tried about 20 over the past 12 months.  Obsessed, yes.
  7. Layering.  So those extra pounds that come from wedded bliss can be camouflaged with lots of layers and I still look fashionable.
  8. That scarves are more on-trend than ever.  And that I held on to some beautiful pieces over the years and get to enjoy them all over again.
  9. My friends, who inspire me every day.
  10. My relationship with God, who humbles me and keeps me grounded and focused.  He is the foundation of everything in my life.

And this photo also makes me grateful that a little bit of sparkle is a good thing and isn’t just for night!

Daytime Sparkle

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