The Symmetry of Asymmetry

Our bodies are not perfectly matched, mirror images of two sides.  Most women part their hair on one side or the other, or at least off center.  And when sitting or even standing, we’re usually not in a perfect military stance.  So why should our fashions always be perfect?!

An asymmetric cut on a hemline or an off-center zipper on a jacket gives a unique and unexpected look to a piece, laying more naturally on the body as you move.

I’m so inspired by this skirt, even though I have a closet of orphan skirts. It just seems easy and versatile, while still being unique and on trend.


I found a number of great asymmetric looks for inspiration!  This pink moto jacket is a must have and a great twist on the typical black leather.


Gareth Pugh asymmetric tee – $470 at Barney’s | Pink Moto Jacket – $75 at PiperLime | Cashmere Toggle Cardigan – on sale for $130 at Neiman Marcus