A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous

Ah, Coco Chanel.  The most stylish and influential fashion icon in modern history.  She brought us the tweed suit, the little black dress, and her quilted handbag that is still coveted today.  And not only did she redefine the fashion world, she also had great influence on the attitudes of women through her fantastic and cleaver wit.

So in honor of her birthday, a look back at some defining moments and styles.

chanel classic suitsVariations on the classic Chanel suit.  J’adore them ALL!


The classic flap bag that redefined how women carried a handbag.  Until then all handbags had a handle.


A classic redefined.

chanel quote

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  1. I completely agree with what you just said! Especially the classy part 😉 I was also wondering if you’ve ever reviewed Vain Pursuits before? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!


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