Nicky Hilton Fancy Box

I j’adore Nicky Hilton… she’s impeccably stylish and simply beautiful, and I admire that she stays pretty much out of the spotlight despite her celebrity.  So when I heard she would be curating a subscription box from Fancy, I immediately signed up.

I don’t get any of the other Fancy boxes… I find their contents quirky and irrelevant, and not something I would have purchased or loved to get as a gift.  The Nicky Hilton box is quite the opposite, so I’m beyond excited to share it with you!

Fancy Box

I was really excited about the variety of products — jewelry, nail polish, a candle, a unique journal, and the cutest phone holder I’ve ever seen!

Nail Polish

The gold heart necklace from Lumo really was the highlight of the box!  I would totally buy this in a heartbeat.  I also love the nail polish.  I don’t usually do my own nails (seriously, I’m just not very good at it!), but I love this color!  It’s not too coral, not too pink.

Shoe Phone

OK, is this just the cutest thing ever?!  As an admitted shoe addict, I love this phone holder.  It’s perfect for the nightstand, although I might relocate it to my desk just to keep my phone where I can find it.Lumo Heart

I’m already wearing the Lumo gold heart pendant today.  I love laying dainty charms like this, so I paired it with a gold key.  So, key to my heart!