Fashion Friday… Paris Fashion Week

Last week was Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, so we got a chance to see all the imagination and festive creations from the best designers in the world.  Haute couture is so fascinating to me… the designs are almost over the top, an exaggeration of the design intention.  Yet, these designs will translate to ready-to-wear and each aspect will be a trend we’re all wearing next season.

A couple of exciting trends that I see continuing are metallic and texture.  I love metallic accents and accessories, though I haven’t invested in metallic in other parts of my wardrobe yet.  I do love texture also, especially for fall when it’s easy to wear faux fur and other plush fabrics.  Which one is your favorite?

Paris Fashion Week Left to right:  Azarro Haute Couture runway show 7/10/14 | Chanel Haute Couture 2014 runway show, 7/9/14 | Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture, 7/8/14