Arm Candy

A few years ago I invested in a beautiful bracelet from Tiffany.  I actually debated how much I would wear it since I already had other nice bracelets, including two David Yurman cuffs.  Would I be faced with a choice of one over the other, and would I appreciate the Tiffany bracelet?

So I’m really happy that the bracelet laying trend is so strong, so today I don’t have to choose one over the other.  I can layer bracelets all day, creating interest with a mix of pattern and size.  I’ve become obsessed with bangles lately and love just trowing on a stack each morning.  Every day is a bit different depending on which ones I choose!

bangles david yurman








Classic David Yurman bracelets and cuffs.

bangles Alex and Ani


What a great way to mix bangles, charms and beads in one stack, like these from Alex & Ani.  The difference in styles and textures is like an art statement on your wrist.

bangles bauble bar



You don’t have to invest a lot to incorporate the bangle trend into your daily look.  Bauble Bar has some really great affordable pieces that work with lots of different styles.  Plus I noticed they’re having a huge blowout sale today, so what better time to find something new!