June, the Season of Weddings

If you’re like me, you’ve already started receiving those summer wedding invitations.  Parties, showers, events… the never-ending celebration!  As a gift giver, it’s fun to find something unique and really special.  For some couples you may not want to deviate too much from the registry, but I agree it’s time to step away from the crystal picture frames and candlesticks.  What is your go to wedding gift?!

Wedding Gifts

  1. Mr & Mrs glasses – $22 at Furbish Studio.  Quirky yet pratical!
  2. Tie the Knot Bowl.  I’m loving this as a gift for anyone because it’s just so unusual, but the underlying “tie the knot” message makes it really special as a wedding gift.  $145
  3. All My Love throw pillow – $120.  “To carry all my love for you a hundred hearts would be too few.”
  4. His & Hers Keyholders from Uncommon Goods. $17
  5. Good Together Stacking Vessels, $56 at Pigeon Toe.  Again, practical yet fun!