If You Like Pina Coladas…. Escape Monthly Subscription Box

Many of you know, I am beyond obsessed with subscription boxes!!  I currently subscribe to about 15 (crazy, I know), but it’s so exciting to get a box of fabulous products in the mail, and I get to try items and brands I may have not ever considered.  I call that a win-win!

As an avid traveler, Escape Monthly is my perfect getaway when I can’t actually get away.  And with a box of luxury travel products each month, they had me at, “Passport, please”.  Each month’s box is themed around a different destination and is sure to relax and inspire you to pack your suitcase and go.

Escape Box

This month’s theme was Mexico, and as you can see, my box was literally bulging from the sides!

Escape Contents

Included in my box was over $60 worth of products that capture the unique spirit of Mexico:

  • Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo travel guide – this brings back so many memories of college spring break!!  I can’t put it down, and I’m so ready to go back.  And I also “collect” travel books, so completely in love with this.
  • Mexican soda pops – no, I probably wouldn’t purchase these on my own, but what a perfect way to cool off on a hot day.
  • Ayate fiber exfoliation cloth – I’m really into skin care this year, more than ever, so this is great.
  • Gourmet Habanero salt – Living in Texas, Mexican or Tex-Mex food is pretty much a primary food group.  Really excited to try this.
  • Kopali organic mango – just seeing the bag, I feel like I’m perusing the local market.
  • Mexican cocoa candle – One can never have too many candles, and I especially loved soy based candles like this one… what a treat!
  • Mexican candy – Ha!  Okay, again, I would never buy this, but this put a smile on my face.  I’m reminded of the food truck by my office that sells Mexican Coke (I believe that’s Coca Cola with real sugar).

Next month’s getaway is Hollywood, Baby, and is said to be one of the most luxurious and valuable boxes offered yet.  If you’re ready to get away, I’d really appreciate you use my referral link.

Bon Voyage!