Happy Easter!

Ah, Easter.  The traditional day for when we can start wearing our white shoes.  And while modern fashion has pretty much done away with such rules, it’s still a day I like to break out the pastels and spring looks.  Growing up, I had a new dress each Easter – a very special dress that was then worn for other special occasions throughout the year.  I think that’s why I’m still drawn to traditional classic looks like these.Easter

  1. These earrings from J Crew are so sweet without being overly delicate.  Just $58.
  2. The Tory Burch Greer dress is perfect and so versatile.  Add a light sweater in cooler climates.
  3. OK, I’m in love with this hat!  I do still see women wearing hats on Easter Sunday, but I also love how this would make a perfect Kentucky Derby hat.
  4. Two-tone classic pumps from Kate Spade finish off the outfit with style.

One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. Love the Tory Burch Greer dress! I’m shopping for my Easter dress this week and this looks like a great choice. Thanks!


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