Weekend Workout

I’m a girl who loves variety and trying lots of new things, but when it comes to my workout I’ve got a pretty good routine going.  I start my weekend with a 75 minute high-cardio hip-hop fusion dance class, followed by strength training.  I feel so energized and ready to conquer the world!

And even though I’m getting my sweat on, I like to look cute.  I get a lot of my workout fashion from Fabletics, but I also mix & match my favorites from other brands.  And as you can tell, I’m not afraid of color — keep it fun!


  • These Nike Free running shoes are the best!  They’re super lightweight, and the faceted sole moves with your body.  I have them in two colors – including the orange!
  • A heart rate monitor from Polar ensures I’m in my zone and getting the most of my workout.
  • Staying hydrated is a must, and this Kor water vessel does it in style!