So Long January…

It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2014 is pretty much behind us, and I for one am happy, as that means that Spring is just that much closer.

As I reflect over the past month, I’m reminded of those resolutions I made at the New Year and if I’m still following them. Some ideas I think are worth considering for everyone:

Travel – Go somewhere you’ve never been and experience the people and the culture. And appreciate that it’s not like it is at home. Last year was the first year in a long time I didn’t do an international trip, though I did experience some great places, both new and old favorites – New York City, Napa Valley, Tahoe, etc. But for 2014, I’m ready to add another stamp to my passport!

Take a class – Art, Photoshop, History… whatever you like. A couple of years ago, I started an oil painting class just for fun. Fast forward to today, and I now call myself an artist. I’ve had my first reception, and I’ve sold several pieces. Oh, and the best part… my home is adorned with my personal works of art!

Learn a new foreign word each day – Really, how hard could that be?! And by December you’ll be ready for a trip to put your new skills to use. Bon Voyage!

Remember family – While friends are what get us through day-to-day, family is… well, family.

What are your resolutions?!